Angel Card Readings


Angels are wonderful high spiritual beings that emanate a beautiful, loving energy, with a very high vibration. Angels are messengers of pure light whose wish is to help us in our daily lives. They protect and guide us and because they have no restriction on time and space, they can be with everyone who calls upon them. Often there are times when we need guidance or direction in our lives and when called upon, the Angels will give us this.
An Angel card reading is a beautiful, loving experience which lasts about an hour. The Angel cards have a very positive and light spiritual energy and you will be naturally drawn to the cards that represent the energies that you need most at that time. The room is prepared to raise the vibration and messages of loving guidance are given to you during the reading, on whatever questions or area of your life you need guidance with.

Angel card readings are now also available over the phone. Please contact us directly for further information.


30 minutes reading – £20.00  1 hour reading £38.  (then charged £5 per extra 10 minutes over the stated time)

Legal notice – the reader cannot guarantee the accuracy of their reading and therefore any assessments for the future should not be relied upon as precise. No reading will knowingly be given to any person under the age of 16.


‘I have been having card readings for the last 2 years and so far, all have come true, it’s been unbelievable. Whenever I need direction in my life I seek advice from the Angels’.

Chrissy W